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MOI MC CLUB was founded. In the beginning the name of the club was "Thornado Motorcycle Club", but was later changed to our present name.


We are moving in to our first club house, in the basement of the local Shell gas station.


We are on the move again, this time to our new and currently club house in the basement of the local power plant "Dalane E-verk". During the years, we have renovated/expanded our facilities and today we have premises with: Workshop, garage for bikes (for the cold winter months), toilet and a great lounge with "bar" and kitchen.


We are celebrating our 20 years jubilee, and it was decided that we should do this with an Event that from this date is known as the "Tronås Treffet". The place for this Event was an old camping area called " Klubben Camping". This is an idyllic place close to the "Tronåsen", which is a very steep hill. In 1931, Tronåsen was the toughest part of the Rally Monte Carlo, and all bikers have the opportunity to drive this route together with some of our members. "Tronås Treffet" is taken place normally the first weekend after May 17th, which is our National Day. There are about 2-300 bikers attending, mainly from the South and West of Norway, but there are also a big group from Denmark and also some bikers from Germany. This Event is the only one with an old train tunnel, in which we have built a stage for bands playing. This is a great place to be during the evening/night for meeting other bikers at our bar, listening to music, dancing and .............who knows!!!!  


The "Tronås Treffet" is 5 years old.


We are celebrating our 25 years jubilee. This was done together with this years "Tronås Treffet".


Currently we have 31 members, mostly "grown-ups" :o) the oldest member is 71 years old! Amongst us we have representatives from the USA, Scotland and Netherlands. Once a month we have a members meeting, which usually takes place every last Thursday of the month. Our club house is frequently used during the winter months. Spring, summer and fall, well… you can’t blame us for being difficult to reach! We are of course out driving our bikes............!

In general

Our members are trying to visit most of the Events around our area, but we are very sorry not to be able to visit all.... Every summer holiday we are going for a joint trip to Denmark, visiting our friendship club "FARSØ MC CLUB" at their Event "Hygge Weekend". Highly Recommended!
 At the end of the season, we are inviting all the volunteers, helping us with the "Tronås Treffet" to our Autumn Thanksgiving. We have our Christmas dinner celebration in November/December. During the winter time, we try to have a gathering/party once a month.

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