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Here you find articles from newspapers and magazines, regarding our club


Article of Thornado Motorcycle Club, outside Shell gas station at Moi, and an old membership card

bilde thornado motorcycle club f f f f fbilde gammel medlemskort

Article about our "Mechanical Club" for young people in our community

bilde mekkeverkstedffffffffffbilde mekkeklubben


Article about the 20 years jubilee and the first "Tronås Rally"

bilde første trefffffffffffffbilde første treff


Brochure about "Tronåsen" and "Bakke Bru"

bilde tronåsenfffffffbilde bakke bro

kart tronåsenfffffffbilde tronåsen

Article about Kawazaki Z1 Event, taken place at the same area as the "Tronås Rally"

bilde Z1-treff

Article about the "Tronås Treff" 2005, MC Avisa (Newspaper)

bilde tronåstreff 2005

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